Micro Fishing Kit


All the essential fishing gear in one TINY package.  Not just junk either, the Micro Fishing has only the best gear.

In stock


The Micro Fishing Kit has everything you need to go fishing right away and comes packed in a 1″ x 1.5″ resealable bag.

The Micro Fishing Kit is small but has a TON of stuff…

  • 40 feet of Fishing Line, 20lb test, braided, Dyneema line
  • 4 Fish Hooks
  • Fish Bait – Yes, real fish bait! 🙂
  • Utility Razor Blade
  • 4 Split Shot Lead Weights –  BB Size
  • 2 Dou Snap Locks

The Micro Fishing Kit is a great addition to any survival kit and gives you very HIGH quality gear so you have your best chance to catch a big ole’ fish!

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