Whoopie Slings


Adjustable Whoopie Slings, 1 to 6 feet.  Made with AmSteel Blue and rated at 3,200 lbs!


Whoopie Slings are one of the most popular choices for hammock suspension systems because they’re incredibly light, strong and they’re extremely easy to adjust so you get the perfect hang for your hammock.  All you do to adjust your hammock suspension is pull on a cord!

These Whoopie Slings are made with AmSteel Blue Rope (7/64″ diameter) which has a strength rating of 1,600 lbs.  Since these Whoopie Slings are looped, they’re capable of supporting 3,200 lbs – hopefully that can hold you up!  🙂

Length can be adjusted between 1 and 6 feet for each Whoopie Sling.  You can extend the reach of your hammock suspension by an additional 12 ft.  Velcro cord wraps are included.

Connect your hammock to your tree straps (not included) or another anchor point, adjust, and start hanging-out!

Learn more about using Whoopie Slings >>

CAUTION: Hammocks are inherently dangerous, NEVER hang your hammock higher than you’re willing to fall! By using this product, you are 100% liable for any resulting injury or damage. Thoroughly test all your gear before use and replace anything that is damaged or worn.

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