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Before setting out on any new project, the best place to start is asking yourself “why am I doing this?”  The “why” is exactly what ECLO is all about – Escape Civilization.  Live Outdoors.

Just to be clear, we love people and civilization for that matter.  We just really think that to keep your sanity, you need to escape civilization every now and then.  So, that’s where the name ECLO came from.


We’re passionate about the outdoors and doing things the right way.

  • Made in the USA – All of the products we produce are made in the USA and whenever possible, we use only U.S. made materials.
  • Innovation – The most valuable piece of gear you have is the one that has the most uses.  When you’re in the woods, you have to use what you got – you have to innovate.  We’ve taken that same mindset when we develop our products.  A little thought goes a long way in product design.
  • High Performance – If you’re like me, then you expect a lot of your gear and are willing to pay to have the best.  That’s why we’re committed to using only the best materials and construction methods for everyone of our products.
  • Fair Wages – People deserve respect and fair wages.  That’s why most of our raw materials are made in the USA or other more developed nations.
  • Fair Pricing – Just because we could charge more for our products doesn’t mean we should.  Doing what’s right is our top priority, even before profits, and we know that shows in all of our products and how we treat our customers.  We don’t intend to be the low price leader but we will be fair in our pricing.


Shelley Scott round 780Meet the owner, Shelley Scott

Being in the outdoors has always been a passion of mine.  Even though things are simpler in the outdoors, your mind stays so much more invigorated and alive.

Growing up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast meant a lot of my adventures were in the swamps, bayous and islands.  I’ve spent many nights with wet gear in some seriously bug infested areas.  You can see how my experience has influenced our designs.  We put a huge emphasis on ultralight, versatile gear that will stay dry so you can sleep anywhere in comfort.

I first started making custom camping gear when I was in college.  Several of my designs gained popularity so I decided to take things to the next level.  Be sure to keep up with us, there’s a lot of great things just around the corner.

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