Your Micro Survival Kit is loaded with everything you need to get yourself out of a bad situation.  They’re also really fun to open. 🙂

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CAUTION:  The Micro Survival Kit contains matches, razor blade and fish hooks so be careful when handling the contents and keep your survival kit away from children!

Micro Survival KitYour Micro Survival Kit includes:

  • 20 feet of 20 lb braided fishing line
  • 3 Fishing hooks
  • Sewing needle
  • 5 matches
  • Match striker
  • Signal Mirror
  • Reflective tape
  • Razor blade
  • Magnet

Signaling for Help

If you really are in a survival situation, your first priority is going to be signaling for help.  The Micro Survival Kit gives you three options for getting the attention of Search and Rescue teams – Signal Mirror, Reflective Tape and Matches for starting a fire.

Signal Mirror – Using the Signal Mirror, find the sun’s reflection on a nearby surface and practice aiming the beam of light.  Aim the beam of light (the sun’s reflection) at your target to get their attention.  Be sure to make several passes to increase your chances of being spotted.

Reflective Tape – The Reflective Tape in your kit will reflect even the faintest light in the dark.  Position the tape on yourself where Search and Rescue is most likely to see it.  The Reflective Tape has an adhesive backing so remove the protective covering if you’d like the tape to stick.  You can even cut the tape into smaller pieces using the included Razor Blade to make trail markers.

Matches – Your Micro Survival Kit includes 5 matches so make sure you have plenty of dry kindling and firewood before you attempt to make a fire!  Fire can be seen for long distances at night and smoke signals can also be seen for long distances during the day.  The internationally recognized distress signal is three fires in a triangle or in a row.  To make a smoke signal, build a fire and then put lots of dry leaves or pine straw over the top.  Materials such as rubber (old tires) also make a lot of dark smoke.  NOTE:  For safety reasons, the match striker is located with the Fishing Line.

SURVIVAL TIP: 3 Fires in a triangle or in a row is the internationally recognized signal for distress!

Finding your way out

Each item in your Micro Survival Kit will help thrive in a tough situation if you know how to use them.  This is especially true of the sewing needle.

Sewing Needle – You can use a sewing needle (and some of your fishing line) to repair damaged gear or if you’re really bad off, to stitch up a wound.  🙁

Making a Float Compass

Sewing needles can also be used to make a Float Compass.  All you do is find a leaf or something very light that can float and place your needle on top.  Then, place the leaf with the needle still laying on top in water that is not moving.  If the sewing needle still has a magnetic charge, it will point North and South.  To test your Float Compass, gently turn the leaf both clockwise and counter-clockwise to verify that the needle always realigns in the same direction.  If you don’t have a magnet handy, you can use static electricity by rubbing the needle on dry fabric.

NOTE:  The Micro Survival Kit now includes a Rare Earth Magnet!  These magnets are super strong and can be used to make a float compass or to magnetize your sewing needle.  Since the magnet is stored with the sewing needle, the needle should already be magnetized.

The magnet is TINY and may be hard to see – the magnet is only 1/16″ wide and thick.  

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Getting out alive

For such a small size, the Micro Survival Kit has a TON of items that will help you thrive rather than just survive.

Fishing Line – Your survival kit includes 20 feet of 20 lb test braided Dyneema (or Spectra) fishing line :)!  This Fishing Line is strong enough to catch some very large fish and because braided fishing line is so thin (same diameter as 6 lb fishing line) you can readily catch smaller bait fish.

CAUTION: The Fishing Line is very thin and can easily cut through skin!

If you plan to “hand fish” just make sure you wrap the Fishing Line around a sturdy stick – you’d be surprised at how easy braided Fishing Line can slice through your hand.

20 lb test Fishing Line was very purposefully added to the Micro Survival Kit so you can also use the line for making traps if you find yourself without access to a fishing hole.  Braided Fishing Line is also stiff enough to used for animal snares.

Fish Hooks – Your survival kit includes THREE different Fish Hooks, each of which has it’s own strengths and weaknesses.

  • Small Fish Hook (size 8) – Great for catching minnows, brim (pan fish) or bait fish.  If you’re not near water, the small Fish Hook can be used for catching small animals. 🙂
  • Medium Fish Hook (size 6) – General purpose Fish Hook… this one is sort of the ‘jack-of-all-trades’ Fish Hook for survival situations.
  • Bait Hook (size 6) – Heavier gauge Fish Hook with extra notches for securing bait on your hook.  This Fish Hook is ideal for catfish and other bottom feeders.  If you’re leaving a line in the water over night, the Bait Hook is your best choice.

SURVIVAL TIP:  Fishing for birds is surprisingly easy.  Simply tie the Small Fish Hook on the end of the Fishing Line and use a cricket (or other something similar) for bait.  Then just drag the line where birds are likely to see your bait wiggling along.  This actually works so make sure you’re not breaking any laws!    

Razor Blade – This one is self-explanatory.  To use your Utility Razor Blade, CAREFULLY remove the protective covering that is wrapped around the blade and keep it handy for re-securing the Razor Blade (or use it as dry fire tender).

To prevent injury, ALWAYS cut away from yourself and don’t put too much pressure on the blade which could cause your grip to slip.

WARNING:  The Micro Survival Kit is not for children!  The Micro Survival Kit contains matches, a razor blade and fish hooks.  Keep away from children!

🙂 The Micro Survival Kit makes a great gift! >>

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