A little practice with a Signal Mirror goes a long way…

A very smart person once said “life is hard.  It’s even harder when you’re stupid.”  So be smart and take time to learn how to use your signal mirror before you have to. 🙂

Getting started

  1. Find the signal mirror’s reflection
  2. Aim the reflection onto your target
  3. Make several passes
Aiming the reflection…
  • Give your target a thumbs up!
  • With one eye closed, move your thumb so that it appears just below your target.
  • Place the bottom of the reflection on the top of your thumb so the rest of the reflection lands on your target.

Ultra Thin Signal Mirror-4Standard Sighting Hole

For Signal Mirrors with a standard sighting hole, this is how you use them:

  1. Locate the mirror’s reflection on a nearby surface.
  2. Look through the sighting hole to aim the reflection.  You can use two fingers spread apart to make sure you still have the sun’s reflection where you want it.
  3. Place the reflection on your target and make several passes to get their attention.


ECLO Gear’s Wallet Signal Mirror is thin, flexible and compact enough to fit in your wallet or anywhere really.

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