Ultralight Camping Rope AmSteel DyneemaIf you weren’t aware already, AmSteel Blue is some of the best rope you can have if you’re headed to the outdoors.  Here’s some of what this miracle of science can do and can’t do for you on your next adventure.

Don’t Cut Your Rope!

These 3 knots are extremely useful for getting the most use from your AmSteel rope…
  1. Prusik Knot: crossing rivers, descending slopes and tarp shelters
  2. Marlin Spike Hitch (Marlinspike): rope retrieval, making a rope ladder or hanging a hammock
  3. Bowline Knot: aka “lifesaving” knot, used for everything

Watch videos on how to tie these knots >>

About AmSteel Blue

First, AmSteel is made of 100% Dyneema® SK-75 fibers.  That’s the same stuff that’s used to make the ultra-strong braided fishing line that you may be familiar with.  The rope that we offer for sale is the 7/64″ diameter rope which is the most commonly used diameter for outdoors and outdoor gear projects.  This rope is crazy strong and super light weight…  the rope weighs only 1.36 grams per foot and is rated at 1,6000 lbs!  AmSteel rope is as strong as steel of the same size diameter. 🙂

The rope is 12-strand, single-braid construction so the rope is ideal for splicing projects.  The AmSteel has what they call a “Samthane coating” so the rope has a slightly slick feel but don’t worry, this rope DEFINITELY can hold a knot.   One other cool point of interest… this rope even floats.

Popular Outdoor Uses for AmSteel Blue

For the 7/64 inch diameter AmSteel, there’s two popular uses; general utility and hammock suspensions – also known as “Whoopie Slings.”

Whoopie Slings and Ridgelines

Whoopie Slings allow you to get the perfect hang in your hammock by simply pulling a string.  There are a few different ways to use Whoopie Slings so just make sure your method is safe and secure.  Hammock ridgelines are another popular use in the world of hammocks.  A ridgeline is a cord that goes from one end of the hammock to the other and is typically permanently secured.  The point is to make sure your hammock is the same length every time you hang and to give you something to secure a tarp or lantern to.

General Utility

We recommend having 50 to 60 feet of AmSteel Blue in your pack when heading to the outdoors.  There’s so much you can do with the stuff and a rope kit takes up extremely little space and weight, there’s no reason not to.  You can use this stuff to…

  • stabilize yourself for going down a decline
  • river crossings
  • clothes line
  • throw line in emergencies
  • the list is nearly infinite.

Keep in mind, the 7/64″ diameter AmSteel is NOT meant for climbing so don’t use this rope in a situation that might cause injury or death!!


What will you do with some AmSteel Blue Rope?


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