AmSteel Blue Rope Kit


AmSteel Blue Rope is crazy strong, ultralight and even floats.  AmSteel is rated at 1,600 lbs and 50 feet weighs only 68 grams!  Includes a coyote brown Silnylon Stuff Sack and 2 Velcro cord wraps.  FREE SHIPPING 🙂



This rope is ultra-strong and ultra-light.  The 50ft weighs 68 grams and the 100ft weighs 136 grams and has a strength rating of 1,600lbs!  This is a single, uncut piece of AmSteel 7/64″ rope with two Velcro cord wraps, a coyote brown silnylon stuff sack with a draw string closure.  The rope takes up almost no room in your bag and there’s quite a bit that you can do with rope that’s this strong.  For the versatility and light weight, you really should carry some quality rope with you.

Don’t cut this rope!

There’s so much you can do with this rope if you know these tricks and 3 knots >>

The sil-nylon stuff sack and Velcro cord wraps weigh 20 grams.  The rope is 12-strand, single-braid construction of 100% Dyneema® SK-75 fiber with Samthane coating and is rated at 1,600 lbs!  AmSteel rope is as strong as steel of the same size, the rope is very easy to splice and can even float.  Choose between black, silver, or green.


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Black, Silver, Green


50 ft, 100 ft


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