Wallet Signal Mirror



Credit card sized mirror that has a perfect mirror finish, is flexible and is no thicker than a credit card!  The Wallet Signal Mirror creates a reflection that can be seen for miles. 🙂


Wallet Signal Mirror – Two for One special going on now!

The Wallet Signal Mirror is a flexible, credit card sized mirror thin enough to easily fit in your wallet or even phone case.  We’ve put a ridiculous amount of time and energy developing a signal mirror that has a perfect mirror finish and is no thicker than a credit card and just as flexible and durable.  Because of how thin the clear layer that protects the mirror finish is, more sunlight is able to pass through which produces a noticeably brighter reflection.  Emergencies, lost in the wild, zombies, checking your makeup, whatever… you will always be ready.

This signal mirror is different to the thin signal mirrors you find in the store.  Those are made out of acrylic and will crack if you put it in your wallet and sit down.

  • signal-mirror-444Perfect Mirror Finish – You get an AMAZING beam of light from the reflection.  The finish looks just like the mirror in your bathroom.  Seriously.
  • Flexible and Rigid – The Wallet Signal Mirror flexes similar to the way a credit card does so it won’t crack in your wallet.  The signal mirror maintains a perfectly flat shape so your reflection is not distorted.
  • Ultra-Thin and Ultra-Light – This survival tool is crazy thin.  It’s about as thick as a business card.
  • Free Knowledge – Instructions and S.O.S is printed on the back of the signal mirror.

The Wallet Signal Mirror comes packaged in a clear, resealable sleeve that will help keep your signal mirror clean and protected.  Other than being so thin and compact, this signaling mirror is just like any other.

These Signal Mirrors are priced low so you can get one for your wallet, purse or your pack and have one for experimenting and learning.  This is a must for your Every Day Carry (EDC), Bug Out Bag or survival kit.

Just make sure you brush up on your signaling knowledge and that you practice!

PRODUCT UPDATE – The Wallet Signal Mirror no longer has a star punched in the center.  There are more effective ways to aim the signal mirror’s reflection.


Additional information


– Dimensions are 2" x 3.5" (same as a business card)
– Same thickness as a credit card (slightly thinner without protective covering)
– Weight is negligible, the same as a credit card
– Packaged in a clear, heat sealed, waterproof package
– Resealable sleeve included
– Assembled and packaged in the U.S.

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