Wallet Survival Kit


Always have a way to start a fire or signal for help with the Wallet Survival Kit. This kit includes a Fresnel Lens, Signal Mirror and Reflective Tape and is actually compact enough to fit in a normal person’s wallet.


Always have a way to start a fire or signal for help with ECLO Gear’s Wallet Survival Kit.  Unlike others survival kits that are designed for wallets, ours is actually thin enough to fit in your wallet without making any noticeable difference.  The Wallet Survival Kit flexes (when you’re sitting on your butt) without affecting the kit’s performance.

If you’re fortunate enough to find yourself stuck on a deserted island or lost in the wilderness, the reality is that you’ll probably be found after a few days; assuming you told someone where you were going and when you were coming back.  The Wallet Survival Kit is built around the idea that Search & Rescue is on the way and that getting found is in your best interest.

The Wallet Survival Kit contains:

This is obviously an ultralight piece of gear and is perfect for backpackers, hunters, fisherman, forestry workers… essentially anyone that goes outdoors.

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Branded Wallet Survival Kits

The Wallet Survival Kit makes an AMAZING business card!  Contact us if you’re interested in getting your own branded Wallet Survival Kits to sell or give to your top customers.

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