Wallet Survival KitThe Wallet Survival Kit is an ingenious mix of survival items that can fit in your wallet so you always have them with you.

The Wallet Survival Kit is also great for adding to a First-Aid Kit, a bug-out bag (BOB), 72 Hour Kit or your backpack so you have some ultralight and compact redundancies of some of your most important items.

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Designed to get you noticed

In a real survival situation, you’re most likely going to want to get found as quickly as possible.  That’s why the Wallet Survival Kit has been designed around signaling and getting the attention of Search and Rescue teams.

ECLO Gear’s Wallet Survival Kit contains:

Starting a fire with a Fresnel Lens

Fire is huge in a survival situation.  In addition to the infinite uses, fire is great for taking your mind off things so you can relax and think clearly.  The Fresnel Lens works just like a magnifying glass so you can use it for removing ticks, splinters or looking at bugs. 🙂

REMEMBER:  Three fires in a triangle (or in a row) is the internationally recognized distress signal.

To start a fire with your Fresnel Lens, you will need quite a bit of sunlight and a nice pile of dry tender (dark colored tender catches fire quicker).


  1. Hold the Fresnel Lens above your fire bundle and make sure the sunlight that is shinning through is a perfect square.
  2. Bring the Fresnel Lens closer to your tender so the beam of light becomes more focused and concentrated.s
  3. Gently blow the coal/burnt spot on your fire bundle while keeping the beam of light concentrated.
  4. Enjoy your fire!

Fire starting with a Fresnel Lens is that easy.  You will have a fire before you know it.  Of course, that depends on how much sunlight you have.

Check out the complete Fresnel Lens Fire Starting Guide >>

Signaling for help with the Signal Mirror

Signal Mirrors can be seen for miles away and will definitely get you noticed by Search and Rescue.  Make sure you PRACTICE using the signal mirror before you’re in an emergency!

REMEMBER:  SOS is three short, three long, three short:

. . . _ _ _ . . .

  1. Find the reflection of your Signal Mirror on a nearby surface.
  2. Place the reflection on your target (see below for aiming the reflection).
  3. Make several passes over your target to increase the chances of being seen.

How to aim the Signal Mirror’s Reflection

After you find your signal mirrors reflection, or the beam of light that is being reflected from the sun, you need to place that reflection on your target.  There’s two basic methods for aiming your signal mirror: Thumbs Up (or Two Fingers) or Sighting Hole.  We recommend the Thumbs Up Method.

Thumbs Up Method
  1. Find your target and give them a thumbs up!
  2. Close one eye and move your thumb so it’s just below your target.
  3. Place the bottom of the signal mirror’s reflection on the tip of your thumb.  The rest of the reflection will be on your target.

You can also use two fingers with the reflection in between them to track and aim the beam of light.

Sighting Hole Method
  1. Look through the Sighting Hole and find the reflection.
  2. Carefully move the reflection so that it is on your target.
  3. Make several passes.

Some versions of our Wallet Signal Mirror have a star punched in the center for use as a sighting hole but current versions do not.  Sighting Holes are not the most consistent method for signaling over long distances, so make sure you make as many passes as possible.

Here’s a more comprehensive guide for using Signal Mirrors >>

Getting seen at night with Reflective Tape

Your Wallet Survival Kit comes with some highly reflective tape.  The reflective tape works amazingly well and will reflect even the faintest light.  If you don’t have access to a signal fire or a flashlight, the reflective tape give you another option for getting spotted at night.

REMEMBER:  Place the reflective tape in a location that is the most visible to Search and Rescue.  You can remove the protective backing to expose the tape’s adhesive or you can use the tape as is.

If possible, keep watch for lights from Search and Rescue, helicopters, etc. and point the reflective tape in their direction.  The tape only works if it’s hit by light.  You can also cut the reflective tape into small pieces to make trail markers or to put in multiple locations.

🙂 Grab another Wallet Signal Mirror, just in case! >> 

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