Whoopie Slings allow you to easily adjust your hammock with just the pull of a cord so you get the perfect hang every time. There’s several ways to use Whoopie Slings so make sure the method you choose is 100% safe and secure before using your hammock.

How to use Whoopie Slings for hanging your hammock

Whoopie Slings have two loops: one adjustable loop and one non-adjustable loop. The adjustable loop controls the length of the Whoopie Slings by using a pull cord to make the loop larger or smaller.

One of the most popular ways to use Whoopie Slings is to secure the non-adjustable loop to the hammock using a Lark’s Head Knot and then attach the adjustable loop to tree straps using carabiners or toggles (Marlin Spike Hitch).

Test Your Whoopie Slings and Hammock Setup

Bunch your hammock up so that it’s like a rope and then firmly press down. If everything is secure, sit on the hammock (still bunched up) and gently bounce. This should reveal any problems that need your attention.


These Whoopie Slings are made with AmSteel Blue rope (7/64”) that has a breaking strength of 1,600 lbs. Since these are looped, that brings the breaking strength to 3,200 lbs.

CAUTION: Hammocks are inherently dangerous, NEVER hang your hammock higher than you’re willing to fall! By using this product, you are 100% liable for any resulting injury or damage. Thoroughly test all your gear before use and replace anything that is damaged or worn.

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